Madhubani Machli by Artegist

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  • Another unique collab! This time with Artegist.
    With one half of her an artist and the other half a techie, Artegist is a 100% Fire. Inspired by Indian colors, Dutch design and French aesthetics, she is waiting at the doors to a new world. Inviting you in. Into a world of passion, sustainability, and egality.

    This facemask design is inspired by Madhubani paintings.
    Madhubani painting is a form of traditional art style from India, especially created by the women of various communities in the region, using very sustainable practices. The base for colors they use is a paste of powdered rice, and vegetable dyes for pigmentation. It's found as beautiful frescoes on walls, clothing (sarees, etc.) as well as canvas and paper.
    Fish are a symbol of fertility and prosperity in Madhubani paintings. The beautiful motif of fish symbolizes that all the elements of nature are (or will come to be) in harmony, and thus brings prosperity. 

    This facemask comes with 3 disposable filter inserts.The materials for the Fashionfilter and inserts are carefully selected and tested. We found the perfect combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials, proven to be better than cotton. The insert is build out of 3 layers of non woven (PP80, Viscose, PP20). The outer non woven material of the insert have the same functionalities as medical masks, but can't be used for the medical sector due to the beige color. In this way we make use of the best materials, without using materials meant for the medical sector. Our goal is to contribute to the social acceptance of wearing face masks here in Europe. Join the movement!


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